what is white gold

What is White Gold

White gold is a one of the popular and precious metal that is used in so many tyoes of jewelry like wedding and engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. White gold is pure gold mixed with an alloy of palladium, silver, manganese or nickel.

The History of White Gold

The concept of white gold can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but it was not popular for jewelryuntil the early 20th century. Platinum was the metal of choice for white jewelry before. However, it is more expensive and also it is difficult to work with platinum. In 1920s Cartier created a necklace made from a white gold alloy and set with diamonds and it quickly became a popular choice among the wealthy people.

Then white gold has become more available and people started to prefer white gold on their jewelry. And it became extremely popular during the Art Deco period. Today, it is a popular choice for every kind of jewelry. Not only on jewelry, but also it is used for other decorative objects, such as watches. Overall, the history of white gold reflects the ongoing evolution of jewelry design and the desire for new and innovative materials.

Benefits of White Gold Jewelry

Durability of White Gold

White gold is more durable than pure gold which is a very soft metal. That is a very big advantage for the people who like to have their precious jewelry everyday.

Scratch Resistance of White Gold

The addition of the other white metals such as nickel or palladium makes white gold more resistant to scratching than yellow gold.

Versatility of White Gold

White gold goes well with a wide range of clothing styles and colors and this makes it a popular choice for daily use.

Price of White Gold

White gold is more affordable option than platinum.

Maintenance of White Gold

White gold may need to be replated with rhodium periodically to maintain its shine but for example platinum needs to be polished regularly.

Stylish of White Gold

White gold is a classic and timeless choice and also a popular choice for modern designs.

The Difference Between White and Yellow Gold

White gold and yellow gold both make beautiful pieces of jewelry, but they have some subtle differences:

  • White gold is a mix of pure yellow gold and alloy metals like palladium and silver, which gives it a cool white look that many people find more modern than the warm yellow color of traditional gold.
  • White gold will oxidize over time because of the alloy used, but yellow gold won’t suffer from oxidation.

The Difference Between White and Rose Gold

Rose gold is made when copper is added to the alloy and ta-dam there is this pinkish color. White gold has more modern and classic look. Rose gold is often seen more romantic and feminine. Both have their own beauties so it comes down to personal preference when deciding which one to choose.

What is the Difference Between Platinum and White Gold

You can see both “platinum” and “white gold” in descriptions of the jewelry. The choice between platinum and white gold again comes down to personal preference – both have their advantages and disadvantages and make excellent choices when selecting jewelry.Even these two types of metal look very similar, there are differences a few differences:

  • Platinum has itself silver-gray color that does not need to be plated with another metal. But on the other side white gold is alloyed with yellow gold to give it a white look.
  • Platinum is also known for its strength and durability. This is why it is popular for use in rings, especially wedding bands given its ability to withstand wear and tear. White gold on the other hand has a similar look to platinum but costs much less and still offers some scratch resistance.


White Gold is an incredibly versatile precious metal and it has been used for centuries in fine jewelry making. While not actually pure white, this alloy composed mostly of yellow gold mixed with different alloys creates a stunning silvery-white hue that looks great when paired with diamonds or other gems. Additionally, white gold requires less maintenance than other metals due to its hardening alloy composition which makes it ideal for everyday wear without needing special care or attention like some other precious metals may require. Finally, if you want your white-gold pieces to retain their beautiful color longterm then consider getting them professionally rhodium plated at least once every few years! Thanks to its strength and beauty, there’s no doubt that white-gold jewelry will remain popular among lovers of fine jewelry around the world!

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