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Are you looking for the perfect diamond to make an engagement ring or a statement piece of jewelry? Loose diamonds offer the perfect opportunity to craft the unique piece of jewelry you desire. This article will explain the benefits of buying a diamond in its separate form.

What Is A Loose Diamond?

A loose diamond is a diamond that has been cut, shaped and polished to its desired shape and clarity–before it’s set in jewelry. The majority of diamonds are purchased in this state as they give customers the maximum amount of choice when selecting their perfect diamond. Being able to select what size, shape, color, clarity, and certification the diamond you purchase will have can help shoppers ensure that the loose diamond they get is really what they want.

When shopping for loose diamonds be sure to examine certificate of authenticity from an independent laboratory. A reputable laboratory will grade a diamond on these criteria: carat weight, cut, color, clarity grade as well as any imperfections or blemishes it may contain. It’s also important to note that diamonds recommended by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are among the most reliable on the market today due to their strict grading standards.

No matter what type or price range of loose diamond you choose however make certain that you’re informed about the 4C’s of a Diamond before making your purchase. This means carat weight; cut; color and clarity grades established by GIA or other individual laboratories used when grading diamonds which will get you closer to your ideal choice of loose diamond in terms of beauty and value for money.

Advantages of Buying Loose Diamonds

Are you considering buying a loose diamond? Loose diamonds, also known as untracked or unmounted diamonds, are the best way to ensure you get the diamond’s quality, beauty, and sparkle for your diamond jewelry. When you buy loose diamonds, you’re free to hand select each individual diamond, focusing on characteristics such as color, cut and clarity.

When shopping for a loose diamond it’s important to be aware of all the fundamental factors that determine a diamond’s worth: color, clarity and carat weight. Being able to inspect these details in person can make a world of difference when selecting your perfect gem! It also gives you access to an exclusive selection of lab created diamonds with brilliant colors and unmatched clarity.

Besides being able to pick out the characteristics that matter most to you in choosing a perfect stone, buying loose diamonds also gives you unparalleled access to some of the finest diamonds without sifting through pre-set designs or pieces that have been blended with lower quality stones. Additionally, when purchasing a pre-set jewel (even one with nicer stones) at times certain features can be overlooked due to their design limitation however when purchasing gems individually no detail is left unnoticed allowing one to appreciate every aspect of their chosen article leading each piece adorning uniquely crafted jewellery that is tailored just for them!

How To Buy Loose Diamonds

When buying loose diamonds online, it is important to be aware of the various factors that affect quality and cost. It is also good to be informed about the different vendors who provide loose diamonds online so that you can make the right purchase decision. Below are some guidelines that will help you when buying loose diamonds online:

  1. Do research on reputable online vendors who provide high quality loose diamonds. Research should include their background and any certification by recognized Gemological institutes such as GIA, IGI, or AGS. Additionally, compare prices from different vendors before making any purchase decisions.
  2. Consider the carat weight of a diamond when buying it online. Carat size has an impact on price as larger diamonds will generally cost more than smaller ones. Additionally, consider the diamond shape and diamond cut when choosing a stone; these determine how much light will sparkle through the surrounding metal setting and can increase or decrease its aesthetic appeal.
  3. Research various factors that affect diamond prices such as its diamond certification, color grade, clarity grade, light performance and cut grade. Each of these affects its appearance and value. Certification by a gemological institute helps assure its authenticity while color grade determines how light or dark it appears to viewers; clarity grade reveals any visible blemishes; light performance determines how much light is refracted through via the stone’s facets; and cut grade measures how well-cut each facet compliments one another in sparkling brilliance with little leakage of light out from sides & bottom of crown & pavilion facets respectively.
  4. Lastly remember to read all conditions before making any purchases from an online vendor!

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Loose Diamond?

Are you looking to purchase a loose diamond and wondering if it’s cheaper than buying a gemstone set in a ring? In many cases, the answer is yes. Buying a loose diamond allows for maximum flexibility in terms of budget and design, so it’s often more affordable than purchasing a pre-set gemstone. You can find larger carats at lower costs compared to smaller carats when you buy a loose diamond. This can be beneficial if you are working with a limited budget and want to get the most out of your money.

It’s also important to remember that purchasing diamonds involves money back guarantees. If you purchase an expensive pre-set ring with an expensive stone, you have less of a chance getting all your money back if you need to return it due to quality issues or other reasons. On the other hand, if you purchase the diamond separately, then the total price goes down significantly since the cost of setting it into an engagement ring is typically only about 20% of the total price. And should any issue arise after purchase, there’s flexibility in returning only one item (the diamond).

To sum up, buying loosely set diamonds may be cheaper than buying pre-set rings depending on your needs. Taking into account:

  • Budget constraints
  • Assurance that comes with buying jewelry backed by reputable dealers offering money back guarantees

makes loose diamonds better investments overall and can save buyers significant amounts money they might otherwise spend on chains or unrelated pieces of jewelry that come with the set piece but add unnecessarily to the total cost.

Explore Loose Diamonds

Before purchasing any type of diamond, it is important to understand the diverse shapes and styles that are offered. The most popular diamond shape is the round cut diamond but there are also more rugged styles such as princess cut diamond, cushion cut diamonds, pear shaped diamond and heart shaped diamond. In addition, there are also elongated shapes like oval, rectangular shape and marquise diamond that are quite popular too. Fancy color diamonds allow you an even greater range of options when shopping for precious stones while natural diamonds offer superior sparkle and brilliance.

When selecting a diamond shape it is important to know which will give maximum sparkle with its light performance so keep in mind that round diamond typically provide the best show of brilliance due to their curved shapes. Lab-created diamonds have become increasingly popular due to affordability in comparison with natural stones as well as offering superb chemical composition – perfect for everyday wear or special occasions! Lastly, make sure you always purchase from reputable sources with diamonds certified by recognized labs like GIA or EGL USA before taking ownership so you can be certain that it is a true statement piece!

Diamond Shape

When selecting loose diamonds, the shape is one of the most important aspects to consider. Diamonds come in a full range of shapes that range from traditional rounds and ovals to modern designs like hearts and marquises.

Round cut diamonds are the most popular, but other shapes such as princesses and baguettes can be stunning in their own right. Pointed ends create a classic look while oval cuts create soft lines with its length to width ratio. It is also possible to find a wide variety of stones with cropped corners or with just one pointy end (some shaped diamonds).

Another element that influences how gorgeous your diamond will be is your choice of setting. When combined with an appropriate setting, beautiful diamonds will dazzle when placed onto any jewelry piece. Red diamonds are considered rarer than colorless stones, so they can sparkle more in the right setting. Keep an eye out when shopping for your carat size, GIA certification and clarity grade – these will indicate both brilliance and quality of your chosen stone.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or just a fashion piece don’t forget to take into consideration each aspect carefully before deciding on a diamond shape – round or fancy – as it will determine the look, feel and sparkle you receive from your purchase. Create something unique by combining each element you choose together for a beautiful result: stone size, shape, color/clarity grade and setting style all work together when creating something special that you can enjoy wearing!

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