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Do you want to gift her a sparkly diamond necklace that exudes timeless elegance? Take the guesswork out of buying the right diamond necklace with this comprehensive guide. You’ll be sure to find the perfect piece that she’ll treasure forever.


Women love diamonds and they are the perfect accessory to accessorize with. Whether it’s a simple, classic diamond necklace or a luxurious, fashion piece in the latest style, there is something for everyone. A diamond necklace for women adds that extra sparkle to her look and can turn a regular outfit into one that exudes elegance.

True fans of diamond jewelry know that there are many styles and options to choose from; most diamond necklaces come in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold with platinum setting also available. Choosing jewelry can be an overwhelming process so we created this guide to help women easily select the perfect diamond necklace – one that captivates her individual style and sparkles like no other.

We will take you through how to shop thoughtfully and select the perfect necklace while educating you on the key elements of why diamonds are considered an important part of jewellery crafting. You will also learn about our favorite collections of distinctive designs featuring specific cuts, shapes, clarity grades and sizes of diamonds in beautiful styles you can’t find anywhere else. Ultimately, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when selecting the best piece of diamond jewelry for yourself or someone special in your life on any budget!

History of Diamond Necklaces

The history of diamond necklaces is a reflection of the fine craftsmanship and attractive aesthetics that has been passed down through many centuries. From the early days of Ancient Egypt and Rome, jewelry featuring diamonds has served as a timeless symbol of love, beauty, luxury, and power. In more recent times, diamond necklaces have become an essential accessory for both men and women alike.

Their popularity stems from the bright sparkle and unique design features these necklaces can bring to any outfit. Through their presence, diamond necklaces add an air of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble with their classic designs often made from materials such as white lozenge diamonds set on yellow or blue gold. Depending on the necklace’s style and crafting qualities, each piece will provide its own distinct look that speaks to everyone’s individual tastes.

The appeal of diamond necklaces span beyond their aesthetic aspects; they carry with them a sense of ambition, ambition that resonates with anyone who wears them both in fashion but also in life goals. Within this context alone though there is such versatility in its styling which allows each necklace to be tailored to what works best for both unisex styles or traditional gender-associated looks – essentially making a statement of one’s taste but also personal values within wherever they may travel or show strength.

There are endless possibilities when exploring the world within this modal top image wearing. Whether buying for yourself or looking for something special for someone else – ensuring your well-crafted diamond necklace adds an extra level to any journey you may take tomorrow is worth exploring today!

Types of Diamond Necklaces

When trying to decide on the perfect diamond necklace for women, there’s no shortage of options. From diamond pendant necklaces to sterling silver, and from yellow gold to princess cut diamonds, there are many pathways to exploring your style. Here are some popular diamond necklace types for ladies:

  • Enchanted Disney Diamond Necklaces: These ladies’ necklaces feature classic Disney characters and stories, ensuring a truly magical experience each time they’re worn. Each piece is designed with a unique blend of diamonds and/or other gems – including rubies, sapphires and more – to add an extra sparkle to any outfit.
  • Two Tone Diamond Necklaces: A two tone variation of the classic diamond necklace offers a modern twist with the combination of sterling silver and yellow gold. This chic combination makes it easy to match any wardrobe color while still maintaining a timeless look. These pieces are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.
  • Princess Cut Diamond Necklace: Traditional princess cut diamonds are timeless yet on-trend, making them an ideal choice for any woman looking for elegance in her jewelry selection. From solitaire styles to one-of-a-kind fine diamond necklaces in shades of white, yellow or even emerald green stones – these jewels shimmer with sophistication at every turn!

No matter what type or style you decide on, your necklace will be sure to be appreciated! Be sure to shop around before purchasing so that you can find the best quality at the best price. With this guide in mind and a little bit of research you will be sure find that perfect diamond necklace for women!

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Necklace

Women who want to adorn themselves with elegance should consider adding a diamond necklace to their jewelry collection. When selecting a diamond necklace, there are many factors to consider including fashion, style, metal type and carat weight of the stones. This guide outlines how you can find the perfect diamond necklace for women that will compliment your personal style and add an extra sparkle to your wardrobe.

When picking a fashion necklace for women, you could decide on tri-tone chains – gold (white, yellow, rose), platinum – that feature various charms and pendants. Some other popular designs include cushion–necklace combinations or single solitaire pendants with round or princess cut diamonds set in white gold or yellow gold settings. These necklaces can be simple and discreet or grandiose and glamorous depending on the size of diamonds chosen as well as the combination of precious metals used.

Women who shop for diamond necklaces for women should keep in mind that it is important to determine how long one will wear it before deciding which thickness chain to buy. It is also important to check metal purity as lower quality metals may tarnish easily thus causing discoloration or even damage in certain cases. Besides these considerations about metal type, stone size is very important too because bigger diamonds often come at higher price points – so if budget is a concern smaller stones could be an option too!

Lastly, don’t forget about style when shopping for the perfect diamond necklace for women: choose one that reflects your personality! Elegant ladies may opt for delicate pieces while flashy ladies might go big with several carats worth of accent stones. No matter what type of woman you are, it’s essential to pick a design you’ll love forever while considering all aspects listed above so that your piece remains beautiful throughout time!

Popular Diamond Necklace Trends

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe? Look no further than diamond necklaces! When choosing the perfect diamond necklace for women, there are many popular trends and styles to consider.

First, let’s take a look at diamond pendant necklaces. These beautiful necklaces feature a single or double diamond set in gold or other precious metal and hung from a chain. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any style. Choose from simple solitaire pendants or opt for an eye-catching designer option with extra sparkle. For true fans of Disney, the Enchanted Disney Collection offers an array of princess cut diamonds that are sure to make you feel like royalty!

Two tone diamond necklaces have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Here we see classic white gold paired with contrasting yellow or rose gold for extra style points. While this trend has become increasingly popular over the last couple years, it is still timeless enough to stand the test of time. The two materials pair beautifully together while providing an elegant contrast that stands out!

Finally, cluster style pendants are making a big splash this year! A cluster of smaller diamonds is set into one piece which makes it easier to adjust the length which is sometimes necessary given its high placement around your neck line. The faceted diamonds create quite a bit of sparkle so it adds an extra special touch for those looking for something unique yet classic in design.

From classic solitaires to clusters and two-toned mixed metals- be sure to take your time when selecting the perfect necklace that will suit your individual sense of style and make you feel nothing short of gorgeous every day! So what better way to treat yourself (or someone special) than with one’s own unique “Shop” experience complete with their own personal selection of stunning diamond necklaces!

How to Care for Your Diamond Necklace

Whilst diamond necklaces look luxurious and glamorous, they are also delicate and will only last if cared for properly. To help keep your chosen diamond necklace for women looking as beautiful as when you first bought it, it’s important to understand how to care and protect your jewellery.

First of all, you should always remove jewelry such as diamond necklaces before entering a swimming pool or shower. Also, try not to wear the same piece everyday and consider purchasing multiple sets so you can alternate them and spread the wear. Additionally, when selecting a metal for your diamond necklace for women, be sure to choose one which will suit weather changes such as white gold or yellow gold.

It is also important to store your necklace correctly once not in use. Firstly, ensure the clasps of the necklace are securely fastened prior to storage so that any gemstones do not become dislodged in transit. When storing diamonds it is important that no other pieces come into contact with each other as this could cause scratching which will dull the sparkle of the stone over time. Lastly, keep all items away from direct sunlight or heat sources which could damage both the setting and stones of your chosen jewelry item.

Diamond necklaces are often seen as an investment piece so careful consideration into proper care is essential in keeping them looking pristine well into eternity! Consider following these steps to ensure your chosen necklaces look just as stunning adorning you on a special day as they do stored in its box with menu image icon modal top image ladies shop!


With so many gorgeous diamond necklaces for women available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. But with this guide, you’re well equipped to make an informed decision that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful when wearing your new piece.

From fashion necklaces and locket necklaces adorned with extra sparkle to classic chain and bead styles that remain timeless over time, there’s something for every type of women. No matter what your personal style is or if you are a true fan of any specific diamonds cut or color, there’s an option for you. Choose from gold, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum as metal tones for your necklace, or select a diamond locket that includes birthstones for added charm. For those looking for divine elegance in diamonds, consider choosing a stunning cushion-cut solitaire necklace to lend some boldness and drama to your look.

Whatever diamond necklace you choose, having access to reliable “know-how” and stylish options helps make shopping easier – shopping the right way – finding beautiful styles catered fit to each woman’s individual needs – which makes choosing the perfect diamond necklace all the more enjoyable!


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