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Founded in 2019, HB-Finest.com’s goal is to bring you a curated selection of Hulchi Belluni’s finest pieces & collections at the most competitive of prices. Being a small, online retailer based in Mallorca, Spain, but shipping worldwide, allows us to bring you the world of Hulchi Belluni to your doorstep – at a fraction of the cost.

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About Our Brand

The exclusive Hulchi Belluni diamond jewellery line, founded on 15th October 2001, started as a real classic diamond-centric collection.

Thanks to its diversity, as well as its innovative skills, Hulchi Belluni has become a line synonymous with genuine, high quality jewellery and diamonds; renowned for its eye for detail and exquisite finish, it has already garnered worldwide admiration.

Hulchi Belluni’s jewels are the realisation of a lifelong passionate dream of designer Martine Hul. Her 20 years of experience, in balance with her own distinguished style, her sparkling energy, sensitiveness and effervescent creativity allow her to add a unique value to every piece of jewellery she designs.

Hulchi Belluni – More Than Just a Name

You can feel the jewels radiate ‘Chi’, the positive energy which brings blissful balance to your body. Belluni (‘bella luna’) or beautiful moon is the source of creative energy, mysterious romance and pure emotion. Its presence is of great importance and the jewels’ finely shaped details reflect its energy.

“Hulchi Belluni leaves no stone unturned.”

Our designer first designs each and every Hulchi Belluni jewel by hand. She does so with extreme precision and accuracy; since she is a goldsmith, she can already take size, availability and functionality of all gems into consideration. She foresees the use of various precious stones and is the main key to the Hulchi Belluni designs.

“Magnificent designs to make you dream.”
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